We have talked with many young women and their families. In the panic of learning of an unplanned pregnancy, they often think immediately of abortion as their only choice. For some, dealing with an unexpected pregnancy in this way is something they would normally disagree with. For others, it conflicts with their core values, but now it seems like the best or only way out of a difficult situation. Sometimes, someone is trying to force them into an abortion decision. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Learn about Your Options

We are here to help you and to give you choices to consider. Taking the time to look at abortion alternatives won’t prevent you from an abortion decision. Taking the time to look at your other choices may prevent you from making a decision you will later find hard to live with. We would like to encourage you to take a look at alternative options to abortion that give your child life and allow you the positive life-satisfying feelings that can come with parenting and adoption.

Post Abortion Counseling

For some the decision to abort their child happened at a time they felt they had no options. Many women will grieve an abortion for years, some can never accept the decision they made. We offer loving counsel to women who find themselves suffering with the guilt and loss. While nothing can change a decision or action made in haste, we can help you understand and move on.

Physical Effects of an Abortion

What you won’t hear or probably read in the fine print; abortion is like any other other surgical procedure. Just like cutting out your appendix there are risks; death, reactions to anesthesia, scar tissue, it can reduce your chances of ever conceiving again. In some cases it can leave permanent emotional scars. Like any informed surgery you might need, know the facts before you allow someone to operate on your body and take a life.

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