Without Your Help… We Cannot Support Those In Need!

While many of us are blessed to have options in life; like what we eat, where we sleep, what we choose to wear for clothes that day. But imagine for a minute you have no or very few choices. This is true for many of our clients.

What if through no fault of your own, you find you cannot afford to pay the rent; you’re out of work, the business closed and the job you had for three years gone… you have two children and just found out you were pregnant?  Frightened doesn’t begin to describe the many of the women who come to us for help. Our clients come from all walks of life, some grew up in poverty and have never been given a road map to live a productive life, many are leaving abusive relationships, and perhaps the saddest of all are those who through no fault of theirs are just down on their luck.

Our Services are Free… We Need Your Help!

We offer free pregnancy tests; clothes, diapers, food, formula, baby furniture and in some cases material assistance like towels, sheets, furniture.

Often people wonder what they can do… here are some suggestions:

Financial donations

As you can imagine it is very costly to cover our overhead. We need to buy pregnancy tests,  pay for lights, rent, and phones.

We really appreciate even the smallest donations and and we use them wisely!


We need folks; to mentor, work with the women who need our help, to sort donations and work in the thrift store. Many times we need help with office support such as photo coping, filing and answering phones.

The ways we can utilize your time is endless, including;

  • Read to young children while our staff meets with their mother/father
  • Mentor a young father who might never have had a positive role model to show him how to be a good Dad
  • Mentoring life skills; how to grocery shop wisely while utilizing the principles of healthy nutrition. Also, perhaps you could lead a group teaching budgeting or banking?
  • What about a special talent or craft? Many of our clients would enjoy a few hours to relax which is a perfect time to talk and mentor.
  • Can you cook? How about hosting a cooking class?
  • Maybe you have experience in the legal area.  Many of our clients need legal guidance.

A few hours of your time….just might change a life!!

Material Donations

Good clean items that you don’t use anymore can be dropped off or picked up to be used at the center (call 685-5674) some will be given to the moms and children.

What they don’t use, we will sell in the Thrift Store. The proceeds help us financially run the center.

Left over items from your weekend yard sale…drop them to us on Mondays!!

Join Us!


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