If this is your first child you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the information folks want to share. Or maybe you’re remembering your own childhood and how unpleasant it might have been at times. Perhaps you have other children and you were unprepared for this child. Whatever your circumstances, we are here to support you.

You are in control and you can make positive choices for you, your baby and family. Keep in mind you make choices every day how you want to live. This includes how you will teach your child as well. Pregnancy is our bodies way of giving us time to prepare to care for another human.

Parenting begins at inception. You are now a mother and how you choose to spend the rest of your pregnancy becoming prepared is up to you.

Resources exist to help you develop a parenting style you are comfortable with. Here at the Center we offer several types of classes to help support and counsel you. We can loan you books and let you watch our DVD’s on programs such as parenting with Love and Logic – a great series which will focus on the positive reinforcement of good behavior.

For some, a program of rewards will be offered. Incentives, which will let you earn free merchandise to help you during this new part of your journey.

“When I met with Cheryl, I really was only thinking this will never work, my parents will be so angry and I am only nineteen. With her support, Luke and I have been a family for two years. He attends daycare, while I am in school finishing my nursing degree. Yes, its hard, but he is worth it! With help I am a good parent, and my parents love being Papa and Nana.”  Keelie

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